The Ellie Thornton Foundation

The Ellie Thornton Foundation is a charitable organisation, established in 2017 by Ben and Vicky Thornton in memory of Ellie Georgia Thornton, aged 11, who died, after she was involved in a road traffic accident in West Sussex, as she walked to school in March 2017.

Ellie was an extraordinary girl with an extraordinary life, marked by her desire to have fun, her obsession with theme parks, and her ability to engage anyone in conversation, adult or child. Ellie was worldly, resilient, bubbly and full of ideas and ambitions.  She wanted to help children who didn’t have the opportunities that she did and recognised that she was lucky to travel the world and have amazing family experiences. The Ellie Thornton Foundation will champion what was important to her, and what is important to her family, in her name.