About Ellie

Ellie was an extraordinary girl who had an extraordinary life.  She was lucky enough to have 2 families that loved her very much.  Having 2 places to call home can bring challenges but Ellie handled her situation admirably and with such a determined, down to earth attitude.

Ellie was so very bright, too clever for her own good at times, she would have an answer for everything and usually wanted the last word.  Ellie asked lots of questions, it was part of her inquisitive nature, which we loved.  She enjoyed school as well and has some great achievements such as her Headteacher Award for her charity cake sale, we are incredibly proud of her.

In her younger days Ellie loved fantasy, dressing up and putting on a show.  We would be so excited to pick Ellie up and hear what she had been thinking about, we loved her vivid imagination.  We introduced Ellie to the Arts including contemporary dance which inspired Ellie to a stellar performance at Thakeham’s Got Talent. Ellie loved film and theatre alike and often talked of her desire to be involved in the film industry, whether that be producing or doing the make-up.

In 2014 Ellie got a brother, Felix, whom she loves very much, along with Vicky and I , we made an awesome foursome living life to the max.  Felix adores his big sister. “Ellie” was his first word and our home is filled with laughter, screaming, mischief and bundles when she is with us.  Ellie has influenced Felix with her passion for Minecraft and all things Harry Potter.  Ellie was very pleased that she was a Hufflepuff, for the uninitiated, this is one of the four houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.   Hufflepuffs are defined by their love of family, comfort, and living things first and foremost, they value loyalty and fair play.

Our darling Ellie lit up our lives with her shining personality, she made us laugh so much, even at times by her ability to exaggerate and make outrageous statements (usually about how many chores she had to do!)  – but we taught her how to laugh at herself, to be self-aware, to be kind to herself and others and to not sweat the small stuff.

Ellie was central to our family life, she always wanted to be briefed on what had been going on and checking what we had planned.  She also liked to let us know what she had been thinking about, this usually involved planning Easter from January, her Birthday from Easter, Halloween costume from July and then Christmas.  Going on days out was another love of Ellie’s and as anyone who knew her could tell you, especially going to Theme parks.  This turned into quite an obsession, studying park maps, planning the next family fun day or birthday treat and she was always eager to share her enthusiasm for the latest rides with all around her.  Having shared care of Ellie meant we would try our best to arrange our family activities around the days she was with us, these affectionately became known as ‘Ellie days’.

Our shining star Ellie, was an amazing person. She was worldly, kind natured, fun loving and sociable.  Ellie loved the special times she shared with Grandma and Grandad, they too had cared for her and given her funtastic experiences throughout her life.  Ellie’s list of Uncle’s and Aunties extended way beyond family, she was so confident that often Vicky and I would be passed over as she hung out with our friends, doing cool things or just conning them for treats. Oh yes, Ellie had a cheeky side too, demonstrated to perfection when she met Vicky for the first time and ate half her ice cream as well as consuming her own.

Ellie had an incredible lust for life and new adventures, In April 2017 she was due to add Iceland to her growing list of countries visited.  We will continue the adventures and carry her memory wherever we go.  We are completely devastated to have lost Ellie, she leaves behind family and friends who loved her very much, she touched many hearts.   We will never forget our little E, we will hold her close to our hearts at all times, through the ups and downs of life, taking on its challenges with determination, just as Ellie would have.  For life is a roller coaster and Ellie was one little lady who knew just how to ride it.