Ellie Days

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

“Ellie Days” is an open application scheme to enable families who are struggling to provide family days out to enhance the wellbeing of family members, due to illness or incapacity associated with having children with additional needs.  The Ellie Thornton Foundation can provide funds to overcome some of the challenges that make those days out possible through the scheme.  The focus is on enabling the siblings of children with additional needs to experience family days out for wellbeing of that child, but the fund can support an entire family to attend a day out, or just a sibling and a relative, as the family thinks best.

Ellie Days is an initiative to meet Ellie’s ambition to help her friend who was not able to enjoy the same number and diversity of family day out experiences, as her family had additional needs, including a sibling with a disability.  Ellie was adamant that we should enable her friend to enjoy the same things she could, to overcome some of those challenges.   The fund is set up in her name and in her spirit of fun and adventure.


Applicants must:

  1. Identify a sibling or relative of someone with additional needs who will benefit from Ellie days
  2. Have a child with additional needs in their family
  3. Have a home address in England or Wales
  4. Have completed all sections of the application to be considered
  5. be aged 18 or over and apply on behalf of their family.

Selection Criteria

  1. Is the applicant eligible?
  2. Have they stated how the child will benefit?
  3. Is the amount requested clear and reasonable?
  4. First come first served basis

Each year the Trustees will allocate an agreed amount of funds, based on availability, to the “Ellie Days” programme. Applications can be received at any point during the year and will be held until the next board meeting for consideration and decision by the Trustees based on eligibility and if they meet the criteria, subject to funds being available.

Trustees may choose to part fund, if a full award cannot be offered.

Board meetings are in March, June, Sept and December.

We will let applicants know the outcome within two weeks of the board meeting.

Grantees are required to accept our terms and conditions to receive the grant, which includes acknowledging the award and sending us a short testimonial to the effect of the grant.